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Online casino bonuses: what you need to know

Proper marketing is an essential part of a successful online casino – it’s an axiom. Experienced operators tend to excel in 2 types of marketing: we call them « attraction » marketing and « retention » marketing. The former is aimed at attracting player traffic, while the latter is more about bonuses, loyalty programs, tournaments and other activities. This time we’re focusing on bonuses and their features. You can find here more information about the types and purposes of online casino bonuses.

Let’s find out what bonuses are and why they exist

To answer this question, let’s look around. Google « online casino » and you’ll instantly get a huge number of results. Every casino relies on SEO, affiliate marketing and other opportunities to get to the top of search queries and gain players’ attention. But what do you do when players finally find your casino to make them stay?

Great design is good, but let’s face it: the growing popularity of online casinos is attracting experienced professionals to the business. And overall, the level of the iGaming industry has risen markedly in recent years compared to earlier stages.

The most respected casinos have a similar set of gaming providers available to players. This is partly due to the conservatism of players who prefer a certain set of games.

The problem is that many casinos have more or less the same game content and thus the chances of winning. Casino operators need to take serious action to turn casino visitors into loyal players.

The best way to win the loyalty of those who come to try their luck at your casino is to give them what they want as soon as possible.

A bonus is a method of giving the player free money/game options (such as freespins) to use at a particular casino. Everyone loves free stuff, so operators don’t shy away from this method of promotion.

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